Sunday, November 9, 2014

                                                                  So help me

Nobody tells you there's no time to pee,
The kids all yell, "It's all about me!"
Oh, little friends, can't you see?
There's no chance for me to become a celebrity.
I'm just somebody, who's a little bit too cranky,
In the mornings I can guarantee,
you better give me some super strong coffee.
And remind me never to name my kids Mikey, Henry, Ravi, or Rosalee.
I will probably have to move to Tennesee.
Before I turn thirty-three,
I just want to stop being the classroom referee!
And for heaven's sake, give me the master-key!
Don't make me earn that third degree.
Let's get real, I work for free,
but not according to the powers that be!
I've been eating ramen and drinking sweet tea,
you know, it only costs a dollar fifty-three!
They say "go to this meeting, write 15 IEP's"
And finally I decree,
"I just want to be a retiree and move to Waikiki!"

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