Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why are we friends again?

Or better yet, were we ever really friends? I was reminiscing over this concept the other day with my new found friend, Texas Pete. No, his name is not Pete and he’s not from Texas, but the kid does have quite an affinity for hot sauce, so fittingly name enough. Texas Pete and I were discussing our friends and how certain friendships have just melted away, like sunscreen does on a hot summer’s day. (I’m trying to think warm thoughts here. It’s freaking cold outside and these bones were not cut out for cold weather). Now yes, I do understand how people grow apart and all that touchy feely nonsense, but how does a once great friendship turn to mierda?

Wait, backtrack. No, I kind of don’t understand how people grow apart. I mean, I guess if your friend has turned into a drug addict, crack-whore, or otherwise downright horrible person with no morals, then yes, I can see how one would not want to be associated with that and neither would I.  But what makes a person just ignore the others existence? As I told Texas Pete, I would rather just have my hypothetical friend be honest enough to say, “bugger off” than to leave me hanging, wondering if they are in fact alive and kicking. Should I call the authorities? Are you buried under your weeks’ worth of dirty laundry being attacked by your smelly socks? Did the cat scratch your eyeballs out and now you are blinded for life? (By the way, you should probably buy your cat some kitten mittens for that reason-cue It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia skit).

 Maybe I care too much, maybe not enough. Maybe I just want to know that if I am ever attacked by my dirty laundry and can’t make my way to the phone that you will come beat down my door and tell those smelly socks who’s boss.

In turn, friendships take work like everything else in the world. You may or may not agree with the aforementioned statements, but it really doesn’t matter to me. Why you ask? Because, No Comments Needed. 

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