Monday, January 28, 2013

Puppy dog tails and unending wails

There is something to be said for coming home after a long day of work, pouring yourself a beverage, taking control of the tv, and tuning out most of what has happened that day. I for one am a fan.  I enjoy the fact that the only thing that I have to take care of has four legs, doesn’t talk back, and can be put in her “house” or shipped off to the doggie “hotel” when a vacation of doggie duties is needed.  No calling relatives or friends in a panic asking if they would be willing to watch your little petre dish of germs.  Nope, all you get from my “kid” are some doggie kisses, snuggles, and the peace of mind that you won’t catch any communicable diseases.

Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. I love my nieces and nephews to pieces. BUT, I also enjoy the sound of silence; rather meaning, “single” person silence. Parent silence is something TOTALLY different. Parent silence means that your kids are plotting something BAAAAD, most likely against you, your other child, or the house. Pick your poison, neither will be good. Like marking X’s along all of the walls of your grandparent’s house telling them where the fly has landed, which in turn, causes your dad to have to repaint the walls in said house, riding your boogie board down the stairs into a pile of dirty laundry, or even worse; don’t ever assume that your children play nicely together or else you get one kid with a broken arm, and the other kid crying profusely, because as punishment, you have taken away their m&m privileges and have sent them to their room for what feels like the end of eternity.  And that’s not even the half of it and already I’m exhausted.

To all those parents who are half awake, have barely showered this week, and still manage to hold down a full time job, you are a better person than I. So for now, I will assume my position on the couch, with beverage and tv control in hand, and enjoy the sound of worry free silence.


  1. While your blog says no comments are needed, I thought I'd post one anyway, because your description of silence and said "single" couch is quite appealing. I got your blog info from a friend of yours (Jen) and thought I'd pop my head in the door and say hello....Hello!


  2. Hi Anna! Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading! Contrary to the name of the blog, I do enjoy comments, but only the good ones ;)